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Scientists believed a whiff of the bonding hormone Oxytocin could increase trust between humans. Then they went back and checked their work… 
June 22, 2016

Over the last two decades, the neuropeptide Oxytocin (OT) has been studied extensively and many articles have been published about its…

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GDF11 – the ‘new blood’ anti-aging protein
May 22, 2016

The seminal paper by John Ioannidis  entitled “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False” (2005 PLoS Medicine 2: e124), contains some…

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Presented data do not always support conclusions made in a paper
March 20, 2016

We will continue presenting Case Study publications that have received a lot of interest among the scientific community (and sometimes even in mass…

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Sperm RNA carries marks of trauma
February 20, 2016

We will use this Case Study section to draw your attention to publications that have received a lot of attention in the scientific…

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