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Beauty is not everything

Being able to trust the experimental data is critical for experimental research. This is certainly also true for Western Blotting as one of the most commonly used methods in cell biology laboratories due to its high specificity and sensitivity.Hence there is a critical need for comprehensive …

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Covid-19 and the PPV

There has been a lot in the news recently about using antibody tests to detect people who have had Covid-19 and who might therefore be immune to further infection (this remains to be proven). Despite the relatively good performance of many of the proposed antibody tests, …

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Biological vs technical replicates: Now from a data analysis perspective

We have discussed this topic several times before (HERE and HERE). There seems to be a growing understanding that, when reporting an experiment’s results, one should state clearly what experimental units (biological replicates) are included, and, when applicable, distinguish them from technical replicates. In discussing this topic with …

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