To support institutions to foster research integrity (RI), Krishma Labib and colleagues developed RI education guidelines together with RI experts and research administrators, exploring similarities and differences in recommendations across target groups, as well as recommendations about RI education using approaches other than formal RI training. The authors used an iterative co-creative process and conducted four online workshops, which were informed by the RI education evidence-base. In the first two workshops, participants generated ideas for guidelines’ content, focusing on different target groups and various approaches to RI education. Based on this content the authors developed first drafts of the guidelines. Participants in the third and fourth workshop refined those drafts. In total, the authors developed four guidelines on RI education focusing on (a) bachelor, master and PhD students; (b) post-doctorate and senior researchers; (c) other RI stakeholders; as well as (d) continuous RI education. Each guideline is offered as a distinct, publicly available tool which institutions can access, adapt and implement to meet their institution-specific RI education needs.

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