The PAASP team has published an article in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, together with research groups from the Fraunhofer IME-TMP and the Charité Berlin – with additional input from experts within academia, CROs, TTOs, learned societies and industry. The publication originated from the BMBF-funded GOT-IT (Guidelines on Target assessment for Innovative Therapeutics) project. The aim of the project was to develop a fit-for-purpose, flexible set of guidelines for target validation and assessment, suitable for implementation in an academic setting.
These guidelines will assist scientists in prioritizing research activities within translational projects by establishing a project-specific critical path towards defined goals and expectations. This will lead to a more efficient use of resources and will help to identify potential roadblocks as early as possible. In addition, the new GOT-IT recommendations will support academia-industry interactions by aligning quality criteria in preclinical research.
The team hopes that the information and tools provided will be helpful to stimulate academic scientists’ awareness of factors that make translational research more robust and efficient.