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Additional information in July 2018

Rigorous Resources for Rigorous Research Bill of Health Blog Symposium: Research Integrity and Trustworthy Science Registered Reports to support reproducibility – an author and reviewer in conversation Sloppy Science Happens More Than You Think Software updates: the “unknown unknown” of the replication crisis Can Auditing scientific …

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The bench is closer to the bedside than we think: Uncovering the ethical ties between preclinical researchers in translational neuroscience and patients in clinical trials

The question of how quality of preclinical data is connected to patients in clinical trials is addressed in this article by Yarborough et al. This discussion is certainly overdue as the ethical implementations of doing tests in human subjects without adequate preclinical justification are not bearable …

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Additional reads in March 2018

Performance-driven culture is ruining scientific research Science needs to redefine excellence How to make replication the norm Von Mäusen, Makaken und Menschen (in German) Q&A: Blazing trails through the Wild West of research metrics Statistical errors may taint as many as half of mouse studies The …

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