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Publishers’ Responsibilities in Promoting Data Quality and Reproducibility

Scholarly publishers can help to increase data quality and reproducible research by promoting transparency and openness. Increasing transparency can be achieved by publishers in six key areas: (1) understanding researchers’ problems and motivations; (2) raising awareness of issues and encouraging behavioural and cultural change; (3) improving …

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Rigor and Transparency Index, a new metric of quality for assessing biological and medical science methods.

The reproducibility crisis in science is a multifaceted problem involving practices and incentives, both in the laboratory and in publication.Using SciScore, an automated tool developed to review the methods sections of manuscripts for the presence of criteria associated with the NIH and other reporting guidelines (e.g. …

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Why scientists need to be better at data visualization Statistical significance gives bias a free pass Petitions in scientific argumentation: Dissecting the request to retire statistical significance Review Commons, a pre-journal portable review platform Raising research quality will require collective action When it comes to good …

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Publication rates in animal research. Extent and characteristics of published and non-published animal studies followed up at two German university medical centres

Non-publication and publication bias in animal research are prominent topics in current debates on the “reproducibility crisis” and “failure rates in clinical research”. To date, however, we lack reliable evidence on the extent of non-publication in animal research. In this article, Wieschowski and colleagues analysed the …

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Additional reads November 2019

Fixing the Flaws in Animal Research No Crisis but No Time for Complacency Licence to publish will restore trust in science Responding to the replication crisis: reflections on Metascience2019 What is replication? ‘There is a problem’: Australia’s top scientist Alan Finkel pushes to eradicate bad science …

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