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  • Good Research Practice online course – Read more 
  • GoEQIPD is a partner in the iRISE research project – Read more 
  • Join the GoEQIPD society – Read more 
  • EQIPD Webinar series 2023 – Read more 

Featured Publication: Is N-Hacking Ever OK?  – Read more

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice

  • Designing, conducting, and reporting reproducible animal experiments  – Read more
  • Advanced methods and implementations for the meta-analyses of animal models: Current practices and future recommendations  – Read more
  • Co-creating Research Integrity Education Guidelines for Research Institutions  – Read more
  • Recommendations to improve use and reporting of statistics in animal experiments  – Read more
  • A qualitative study of the barriers to using blinding in in vivo experiments and suggestions for improvement  – Read more
  • Systematic assessment of the replicability and generalizability of preclinical findings: Impact of protocol harmonization across laboratory sites  – Read more
  • Effects of ketamine optical isomers, fluoxetine and naloxone on timing in differential reinforcement of low-rate response (DRL) 72-s task in rats  – Read more

Commentary I: “Home inspections” for life sciences companies – Read more
Commentary II: Sex as a biological variable in preclinical research – Read more
Commentary III: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – Read more

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