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Biological vs technical replicates: Now from a data analysis perspective

We have discussed this topic several times before (HERE and HERE). There seems to be a growing understanding that, when reporting an experiment’s results, one should state clearly what experimental units (biological replicates) are included, and, when applicable, distinguish them from technical replicates. In discussing this topic with …

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Presentation of the newly developed Guidelines On Target Validation for Innovative Therapeutics (GOT-IT)

Representing the GOT-IT Team, Christoph Emmerich presented the GOT-IT Guidelines at the “BMBF Vernetzungstreffen zur Nationalen Wirkstoffinitiative” on the 8th of October 2019, which was attended by academic PIs, industry representatives, officials from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and members of the German Parliament.Furthermore, PAASP …

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