In the recent report on „Digital tools and services to support research replicability and verifiability”, Caroline Skirrow and Markus Munafó have argued that “publication of analysis scripts can help to improve transparency of data analytic methods, allowing greater replicability and verifiability of scientific results”.

We strongly support the transparency of analytical methods and the use of software packages that allow analysis scripts to be saved and shared. We have promoted and referred to such tools in previous issuesof the Newsletter.

To support the use of script-based methods in study design and analysis, PAASP has established an online repository and invites all colleagues to share their examples, links to useful R packages and literature.

This repository will aim to present information not only on the methods commonly available using conventional statistical software packages (t-test, ANOVA) but also methods that are increasingly recognized as important but may be less known and accessible for preclinical biologists and pharmacologists (e.g. equivalence testing).