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Digital tools and services to support research replicability and verifiability

Digital tools hold promise for improving replicability and verifiability of scientific research. In this paper, the availability and use of such tools to improve practices in biomedical research was examined, focusing on 4 key areas: 1) Design, 2) Data collection, 3) Data analysis, and 4) Publication and dissemination. The authors performed a literature review and used a snowballing method to obtain feedback from key individuals. The paper provides an impressive collection of relevant tools that have been developed to support transparent documentation, from inception, through to data collection and data analysis, and finally into dissemination and data archiving.
However, the authors also point out that the broad array of available tools for supporting reproducible research can itself be an impediment to scientists and that the vast array of tools available are likely to result in some confusion. Thus, in some areas, streamlining and a structured support ‘how to use which tools and when’ may be helpful.

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