The PREPARE (Planning Research and Experimental Procedures on Animals: Recommendations for Excellence) guidelines were published in 2017 to provide overarching guidance on how to plan animal experiments. This comprehensive set consists of 15 topics to cover literally all aspects of animal research. A detailed checklist is incredibly helpful and provides good guidance when planning animal experiments and working in animal facilities. Like this, they complement the ARRIVE guidelines and are considering broader aspects of this important part of research.

The PREPARE guidelines cover 15 topics, grouped in three main sections:

Formulation of the study
1. Literature searches
2. Legal issues
3. Ethical issues, harm-benefit assessment and humane endpoints
4. Experimental design and statistical analysis

Dialogue between scientists and the animal facility
5. Objectives and timescale, funding and division of labour
6. Facility evaluation
7. Education and training
8. Health risks, waste disposal and decontamination

Quality control of the components in the study
9. Test substances and procedures
10. Experimental animals
11. Quarantine and health monitoring
12. Housing and husbandry
13. Experimental procedures
14. Humane killing, release, reuse or rehoming
15. Necropsy