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There is growing awareness about the values of preregistered studies or key elements thereof. And there is a growing number of online resources that offer preregistration services. Some preregistration platforms are aimed to serve any area of science, others focus on specific fields (e.g. animal research). …

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Promoting transparency in preclinical research: preregistration of animal study protocols on

Smit NW1, Van der Naald M2,3, Wever KE4, Duncker DJ1,5, Chamuleau SAJ2,3,6   1Netherlands Heart Institute, The Netherlands 2University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands 3Member of the Transnational AllianCe for regenerative Therapies In Cardiovascular Syndromes 4SYRCLE, Department for Health Evidence, Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 5Erasmus Medical Center, The …

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Balancing futility and benefit – Is academic research ready for higher research quality standards?

byAnton Bespalov (PAASP)Adrian G. Barnett (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)C. Glenn Begley (BioCurate, Melbourne, Australia) *For a condensed version of this commentary, please visit the Nature website.  Many of the signals of concern about the current research system originate from industry and are not always positively received by …

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