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Introducing StuDySign, an innovative Electronic Lab Notebook (eLN) for biomedical research
May 19, 2017

Solid experimental design, data analysis and data storage are among the fundamental requirements for Good Research Practice. Originally, these aspects were…

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PAASP partner became TÜV-certified ‘Qualitätsbeauftragter, -manager and -auditor’
May 7, 2017

PAASP partner Björn Gerlach undertook a three-month course focusing on classical quality management systems, like ISO9001 and EFQM. After passing written…

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Building Blocks of Good Research Practice, Amsterdam 2016
December 23, 2016

On October 27, 2016, several PAASP team members participated in a meeting in Amsterdam organized by the ECNP Preclinical Data Forum‘s core…

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Lack of reproducibility – an opportunity for precision medicine?
December 23, 2016

Our article ‘Reproducibility of Preclinical Data: One Man’s Poison Is Another Man’s Meat’ was published recently by the newly established journal…

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Re-evaluation of failed drugs and targets using contemporary knowledge, methodology and tools
July 22, 2016

Co-authored by PAASP’s managing partner, Anton Bespalov, the correspondence article ‘Failed trials for central nervous system disorders do not necessarily invalidate…

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Building a nearshoring collaboration: Success story
May 30, 2016

Starting to work together with someone you do not know is often associated with some risk-taking if this person is outside…

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PAASP enters a new partnership with Arlenda
May 22, 2016

Various aspects of the service provided by PAASP are directly or indirectly related to data analysis. While the PAASP team has…

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Y47 Partnership
April 22, 2016

PAASP services aim to identify areas that need improvement and to provide our clients with the necessary tools. We believe that…

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DGGF Membership
March 20, 2016

DGGF MembershipPAASP became a member of the DGGF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gute Forschungspraxis; German Society for Good Research Practice).The DGGF is the largest…

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The Wheel of Science
February 20, 2016

You might have seen the Wheel of Science (WoS) on the front page of our website – but what does it actually mean…

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